Orchard Retaining Walls

From BK Developments

BK Developments works year round providing our clients with retaining walls for their orchards, farming needs or most other kind of outdoor areas.

Whether you’re looking to hold soils between varying terrain elevations and sloped locations or sculpt out a landscape for your crops to be more sheltered, BK Developments can help.

We are experts in retaining wall consultation and construction in the Bay of Plenty region predominantly Te Puke and surrounding areas, Edgcumbe, Opotiki, Tauranga, Te Puna, Katikati, and we are available across the North Island.

With nearly 5 decades of experience in the orchard management business, our expertise in retaining wall construction can assist you in both design and construction.

BK Developments can help you from small retaining walls created for planter purposes, to larger more complex multi level structures.

Our team can create premium built retaining walls, efficiently and effectively, both in terms of construction time and cost.

Our team work with you whether you’re after a timber retaining wall, keystone or gabion baskets. Our team will help you decide what best fits your business needs and work with you closely right through construction to completion.

If you’re looking for an effective solution for erosion evasion, to enhance drainage, or to build a retaining wall for landscaping purposes, contact BK Developments today to discuss your options.

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