Artificial Shelter Belts and Windbreak Cloths For Orchards

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At BK Developments, we specialise in the construction of all varieties of Artificial Shelter Belts and Windbreak Cloth. Based in the Bay of Plenty region predominantly Te Puke and surrounding areas, Edgcumbe, Opotiki, Tauranga, Te Puna, Katikati, and available across the North Island, BK Developments are able to assist you in protecting your orchard.

A common and practical alternative to planted shelter, Artificial Shelter Belts and Windbreak Cloth are built to protect your crops from strong winds, unwanted dusts and sprays and harsh weather conditions such as hail and frost. 

Whether an interim fix whilst your planted shelter is growing to full size or a permanent solution to protect your crops from threats, BK Developments are trusted experts in Windbreak Cloth and Artificial Shelter Belt construction and consultation. 

Our experienced team can provide expert advice in size, weight, dimensions, positioning and colour of artificial shelters.

BK Developments has the ability to install foundation Artificial Shelter Belts and Windbreak Cloth poles of up to 10 metres with our specialised equipment and experienced team. We pride ourselves in offering customised cloth, making for stronger and more durable shelters. 

BK Developments can also provide your orchard with, overhead shelter to ensure you are getting maximum protection from all threats to your crops, for the most effective cost. 

Offering reclothing and dismantling services, our trusted team can assist you in updating your existing shelters to create effective and protective environments for your crops. 

If you’re in the market for a Windbreak Cloth, or pretty much any kind of Artificial Shelter Belt, BK Developments has the solutions and range of options for you to choose from - including bespoke customised work. 

We have the ability to keep sustainability as a top priority for your business as we now ensure your old cloth is recycled. If you’re looking to reuse sections of undamaged materials from your previous structures, we can work with you to achieve your needs.

Safety is our top priority for your horticulture and for our people. That's why at BK Developments, our team has a fleet of four Hydraladas with all of our operators having passed Safe Working at Heights and Use of Safety Harness qualifications.

Considering installation of an Artificial Shelter Break or Windbreak Cloth structure today? Or want to know more about your options? Get in touch with our expert team today.

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Artificial Shelter Belt / Windbreak Cloth Example

Artificial Shelter Belt / Windbreak Cloth Example
Overhead Artificial Shelter Example

Overhead Artificial Shelter Example
Windbreak Cloth Example

Windbreak Cloth Example

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