The new owners, Eric and Margaret Lundgren, are assisted in management by Nibs and Lou Taylor, and are responsible for scheduling of work, planning, estimations quality control and client liason.

Eric and Margaret have a background in business, accounting and administration. Erics’ speciality is plant and equipment, having been a Director in a Stock Exchange listed Company for many years. Margaret has owned and managed her own businesses, as well as having experience in accounting and administration in other organisations.

Nibs and Lou farmed successfully for many years, and understand the Orchardists requirements and time constraints. Nibs is responsible for the day to day production/
running of the business, and Lou is involved in the office admin and preparation of the cloth for the shelters.

Our highly skilled construction and installation teams were trained by Barry Watkins, and continue to work for BK Orchard Developments Ltd. As well as producing a quality product, they also assist with training new recruits, ensuring the continued quality of workmanship.